Well that was fun! Thanks to all who helped to make our first CXTO Event a huge hit. With over 250 participants joining us at our first  CXTO Christie Pits Cookie Cross, we can call this an unqualified success. For a bunch of "event rookies," we learned a lot about how to plan and run an event... and despite some last minute stresses, we had a great time putting on this race for our community and freinds. I guess this means we're going to have to do this again in 2017...? 

Huge thanks to our Sponsors and Supporters... this could not have happened without you.. 

Look to see news about our plans for 2017 in the coming months... 'till then, have a great winter everyone. 

BTW: Above image is from Will Wallace - thanks! 

Bringing Cyclocross back to Toronto...

Remember those days of racing cyclocross in Toronto? It used be that we had a thriving and growing collection of races and events taking place at various city parks and recreational properties. 

- Riverdale
- Christie Pits
- Old Mill
- Winston Churchill
- Centennial Park
- Sunnyside Park

Well… its time to get organized and bring Cyclocross back to Toronto. We want your thoughts, ideas, and voices to help bring ‘cross back to Toronto. 

It is our intention with the group to build a ground-swell of support for bringing back cyclocross to Toronto Parks and Public spaces.

Spread the word for Cyclocross T.O.

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