CXTO, Taking a year off.

Hello ‘cross fans. We’ve decided that the development of a cyclocross race was not practical of us in 2018. As such, we’ve decide to take the season off, do a bit of re-organization and look towards 2019 to “bring back the Cookie Cross.”

We’ve had a great time the last two seasons putting on the Cookie Cross, but it has not been without some challenges. CXTO is a completely self-funded, volunteer-run organization.

Right now we’re looking towards the future and have begun discussions with our friends at Substance Projects, to work together to develop and bigger and better Cookie Cross for 2019.

Stay tuned…

2017 CXTO Cookie Cross, course layout

Following on the heals of last season's awesome race course, we've made a few upgrades and modifications.

This new course promises to be a whole lot of fun... while also pushing one's skills and fitness levels. We also wanted to make very spectator friendly and to use as much of the park as possible. Enjoy. 


Race Course Update

Following our meeting with City Parks officials on September 21st, we've had to make some modifications to our first race course layout. The CXTO organization committee was insight this evening and we're all pretty excited about this new layout. 

We're looking at a lap length of about 2.6k, and yes... there is a good amount of climbing and varied terrain involved. 

Our updated course layout... 2.6k of fun and excitement. Thanks to Dan B for the cartography and course mapping. 

Our updated course layout... 2.6k of fun and excitement. Thanks to Dan B for the cartography and course mapping. 

Sponsor Announcement - Bateman's Bicycle Company

With Christie Pits being pretty much in the "backyard" of the Bateman's Bicycle Company, we are thrilled to add them to our roster of supporters and sponsors.  

The crew at Bateman's are all serious about their cycling and the shop has quickly made a positive reputation for itself in the downtown core. We also know that cyclocross is very near and dear to the heart of Robert Bateman, so we're thrilled to have him and his team supporting our event. 

Sponsor Announcement - KindHuman Bicycles

We are thrilled to see KindHuman Bicycles participating in our first event at Christie Pits. 

KindHuman was founded by Adam Abramowicz and Gavin Brauer. The two come from uniquely differing backgrounds but are united by one commonality: the bike. Friendship brought the cycling industry designer and experienced businessman together and upon realizing their shared love for the sport, they have decided to share this passion with the world. KindHuman is not just a bike company for Gavin and Adam, it is a vehicle for them to bring more people to the sport. To empower cyclists everywhere to give back to the sport that they love and help grow cycling in their communities. Together, they are committed to making cycling more accessible to all people and they are committed to growing the sport and sustaining it – from the ground up. 

Sponsor Announcement - Gears Bike Shop

We are very happy to announce that Gears Bike Shop is going to be one of the key sponsors of our Christie Pits event, taking place on October 29th. 

With four locations in the GTA, Gears Bike Shop has built its reputation and business via positive engagement with the local and cycling community. 

Gears Mission
To be a happy, healthy and respectful environment where we listen to and support our customers of every age, gender and ability while combining a high level of service, selection and value in every category
of cycling.
Gears Vision
To create a bike shop and community that makes cycling accessible to all Canadians.
Gears Values
Belonging to and connecting with community increases everyone’s level of happiness. In our increasingly isolated world, GEARS strives to be an inclusive cycling community where everyone feels welcomed and where anyone can connect to other like-minded individuals who also enjoy riding a bike.